Top 10 female vampires on television

Credits: The CW
Credits: The CW

Top 10 female vampires on television

Well, we recently discussed the top 5 overlooked vampires in movies and today we are going to look at the top ten female vampires on television.

Television has delivered to vampire fans a multitude of great vampire television shows. Including “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Angel”, “Moonlight”, “Blood Ties”, “The Vampire Diaries“, “True Blood“, Forever Knight”, “Kindred the Embraced”, “Being Human” “Dark Shadows” to name a few.

Many of us remember the lead men of these shows, Spike, Angel, Mick, Nick, Henry, Aidan, Barnabas, Eric, Bill and more. But, we tend to over look the females that were just as viscous and monstrous as their male counterparts.

Female vampire can be as alluring and seductive as men while at the same time be very powerful and embrace the true meaning of being a vampire.

So, here is a list of the top ten female vampires on television.

10. Elena from “The Vampire Diaries”. The actress who plays both Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce plays the best of both vampire personas First an older vampire who is ruthless and rules from revenge and a new vampire who is still learning who she is and where she is going. Elena made this list because she is the stronger of the two. She tries to protect the ones that she loves and has embraced her vampire self, at times a little too much. But, she starts off this list because she is a strong female vampire character that doesn’t use seduction to get her way.

9. Tara from “True Blood”. As annoying and whiny as she was as a human, she is that much more of a “real” person while being a vampire. Her friendship with Jessica and her budding relationship with Pam makes her a little more bearable. She is new but there is still the fact that even as a vampire so many people hate her and that part of her personality is why she made this list.

8. Harmony Kendall from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”. She is quite simply the ditzy vampire who just wanted minions like other vampires. She was the true comic relief of both shows as a human and as a vampire.

7. Janette DuCharme from “Forever Knight”. She is one of the true “fanged vampires” as I like to label them. She embraced the idea that she is a vampire and put it to use as a night club owner who had her finger on the pulse of the vampire nightlife. She was elegant and strong and more mature than most of these other vampires in modern television shows.

6. Jessica Hamby from “True Blood”. The ‘baby vamp’ from the hit show was not so received when she was turned by Bill but won the hearts of many when she became Hoyt’s girlfriend. But, this last season has lead her to explore her world as well as her boyfriend’s best friend, Jason. She is starting to grow up but she is still maintain her baby side. She is definitely a vampire that is fun, if you like that type.

5. Pam De Beaufort from “True Blood”. She is the right hand to Eric as well as one of the sexiest, most cocky vampires ever. Her I don’t care attitude along with her whimsical one liners. Her elitist and royal attitude makes her character the strongest and most loyal character on the show. She is true to her maker, Eric.

4. Willow from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Yes we know that she was a witch but in two separate episodes Willow was a vampire. In “The Wish”, Cordelia wishes that Buffy never came to Sunnydale and this transported them into an alternate universe where Willow was a vampire. Also, in ‘Dopplegangland” Willow meets Vamp Willow as well. She was one hot and viscous vampire.

3. Caroline Forbes from “The Vampire Diaries”. Caroline started out as a whiny self centered human but when Damon turned her she continued with this personality until Tyler came into her life. But, once she helped him through his wolfiness and also her connection to Klaus. She may have started out a little unnerving but she has developed into a stronger vampire and character. She actually has knowledge and embraces the power of being a vampire. She is strong and fearless now.

2. Rebekah from “The Vampire Diaries”. She is an original and mostly an enemy for Elena. she is looked up as a bad and selfish vampire but she is just a vampire who wants to be human and be a teenager and have babies. But, the power that she holds is sometimes too much for her. Your heart goes out to her for the pain she has endured for centuries and you just want her to really embrace the vampire that is within her.

1. Druisilla from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”. She is very odd looking and well behaving as well but she had the hottest vampires at her hands, both Angel and Spike. Her insanity was only enhanced when she became a vampire and this only made her more of a fierce vampire. There was no stopping her no matter what insane request or game she plays. She is simply one viscous vampire vixen.

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