DC Comics ‘He-Man’ is a great take

Credits: DC Entertainment
Credits: DC Entertainment

DC Comics ‘He-Man’ is a great take

DC Comics released the first issue of its new “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” ongoing series today. The new series, starring the cast of the popular Mattel toy line from the ’80s, is written by Keith Giffen with art by Pop Mhan.

Still reeling from the events of Skeletor’s latest attack, Prince Adam, Man-at-Arms, Teela and the rest of Eternia must deal with an invading force led by Hordak’s new general, Despara.

“He-Man” is a great adaptation of the classic mythos portrayed with modern storytelling (and if you have seen the old Filmation cartoons lately, that is a vast improvement). Long time fans will certainly recognize their favorites and will appreciate Giffen’s and Mhan’s efforts to incorporate many of the original designs into the series, including the Attak Trak and Wind Raider vehicles. In addition to featuring one of the best MotU villains in Hordak, this opening arc looks like it will showcase a wide variety of the Masters as the conflict expands across all of Eternia, showcasing just how expansive this universe is.

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