Writer of ‘Truth: Red, White and Black’, Robert Morales passes away at age 54

Credits: Marvel Comics
Credits: Marvel Comics

Writer of ‘Truth: Red, White and Black’, Robert Morales passes away at age 54

Writer of ‘Truth: Red, White, and Black‘, Robert Morales, passes away at age 54. Several comic industry sites including Bleeding Cool, CBR, BFMC, and Comicmix are all reporting that the incredibly talented Robert Morales passed away. Robert Morales was a former art editor at VIBE Magazine as well as a longtime entertainment journalist. Some of his most powerful work hit comic stands in 2002 with the pages of Marvel Comics Truth: Red, White and Black #1 (of a 7 issue limited series). Marvel billed the series with the following log line “In the tradition of ORIGIN, Marvel reveals the shocking secret history of Captain America! In 1940 there was a man who had many of the same qualities as Steve Rogers, save for one, the color of his skin, and TRUTH is his story!” With it’s powerful storyline, the series made not only the comic industry sit up and take notice, but also the entertainment industry. Entertainment Weekly ran an article on the re-imagining of the shield slinging hero’s origin (check out the associated video if you aren’t familiar with Steve Roger’s story). CBR ran the following quote from current Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso taken from an interview from 2011“When we posted our first image of Isaiah Bradley — the silhouette of an African-American man in a Captain America costume — the media latched onto it as a story of interest, but a lot of internet folks lined up against it, assuming, for whatever reason, that it would disparage the legacy of Steve Rogers. By the time the story was done, the dialog around the series had substantially changed. One high-profile reviewer even wrote a column admitting he’d unfairly pre-judged the series, that he now saw it was about building bridges between people, not burning them — which I deeply respected. It’s especially meaningful when you edit a story that functions as a little more than pure entertainment.” Mr. Morales also contributed text pieces to Heavy Metal Magazine and followed up the success of Truth with a run on Marvel Comics Captain America (2004) with issues #21-28.

Mr. Morales leaves behind his mother and father. His brilliance, vision and humanity will be missed

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