Hammer swing & a miss: Yet unseen scenes from ‘Thor: The Dark World’ trailer

Credits: Marvel.com
Credits: Marvel.com

Hammer swing & a miss: Yet unseen scenes from ‘Thor: The Dark World’ trailer

Loki instigates an expletive worthy finale at the end of the first official trailer for “Thor: The Dark World”. Actor Tom Hiddleston had previously given Loki a fandom within 2011s “Thor”, cementing the rogue Asgardian royal being the love-to-hate bad guy of the Marvel Shared Cinematic Universe right up to the punctuating end of Phase One in “The Avengers”.

Phase Two’s “Thor: The Dark World” starring Chris Hemsworth will move from the dimensional realm of cold-environ dwelling giants to the dark faerie beings of Svartalfheim this Nov. 8. Over the past year a good number off updates and quotes brought a good number of expectations for this action-drama take of superhero level entities. The trailer delivers a decent gander at a movie with an outside this Earthly realm theme.

Like Loki sans costume, there are a few aspects missing in the run of clips.

Algrim the Strong: Kurse

The Destroyer mustered up to be the antagonistic heavyweight for Thor to haul off a comparable cinematic brawl-fest within the titular prior film. Then, two rivalry dust ups in “The Avengers” set by the Hulk and Iron Man offered another course for the Thunder God to withdraw restraint from his gale force of powers. As of the upcoming sequel, it looks to be that the champion Dark Elf Algrim will test Thor’s fighting capabilities. That glimpse for a collision of two super-contenders remains absent so far.


Dark Elves

This new trailer gave us a first look at the Lord of Dark Elves Malekith (Chris Eccleston) on how he’ll appear on the Silver Screen. Outside their ruler, the Dark Elves were not given a close up. Svartalfheim wonders and populace took a back seat for the romance compounding Thor and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) — in display as the Asgardian fends off outside forces threatening her safety.

The Warriors Three

Sif (Jaimie Alexander) had a lightning flash profile within the stream of clips. Still, the trio famed throughout Asgard and become fan-favorites were not given even a snapshot. With Zachary Levi now playing the cavalier swag in dashing demeanor Fandral, a snippet of them standing together or taking action is one must-see a “Thor” fanbase can’t wait to espy.

See more about “Thor: The Dark World” on Marvel.com.

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