Storm alert: Halle Berry shown in X-Men role’s costume


Storm alert: Halle Berry shown in X0Men role’s costumed

Filming on “X-Men: Days of Future” commences. Out of no surprise but without a sense of when, director Bryan Singer once again exhilarates fans of the franchise by sharing a picture from the production set.

Twitter was once again Singer’s mode of exhiliarating sneak peek.. This time it was Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry displaying her costume look for the fifth X-Men installment.

Short hair and in attire pieced with armored platelets, Berry seems a purely movie adaptation of the mutant wielding formidable weather fury powers.

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” jumps forward after the last movie and prequel “X-Men: First Class”, which was set in ‘60s origins of Marvel Studios super-team of mutants.

Singer has in recent past let it be known by a picture of the production’s casting board, of which was shown on his sent Tweet. The shot also set a jolt of updated coverage when three more unannounced actors were identified.

Halle Berry isn’t the only returning cast member from the first film. Of the reprisals includes Hugh Jackman, the Aussie actor done wrapping up his X-Men spinoff “The Wolverine”.

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