USA Today talks with Charlaine Harris about last book in her series

Credits: / Charlaine
Credits: / Charlaine

USA Today talks with Charlaine Harris about last book in her series

Yesterday, April 25, USA Today spoke to Charlaine Harris, the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series about the last book in the series, “Dead Ever After” and what is next for her.

Ms. Harris mentioned that she decided to end the series when she began “loosing creativity in the writing” and she hates to “continue writing a character when she has lost her love for them.” She states that she “hasn’t fallen out of love with Sookie but she just doesn’t “want to keep writing her when the thrill is gone.”

She also mentioned that she knew how the story was going to end since the second book and that not all of her fans will be happy but that she had to do what was right. But, she did mention that there were two divided groups of fans of how to end the book.

From what I see there are multiple endings- her ending up with Sam, Bill, Eric, Alcide, and/or Quinn or the sad part dying or going to fairy world. So, I am wondering about the two sides she is referring to. If it’s Eric or Bill, then which side did she choose? She made it clear in the last book that Sookie only viewed Bill as a friend, so what would the second group be? Or are fans still holding out for Bill.

They also asked her about future works as well as her plans for the future and her reading lists for the summer.

Ms. Harris mentioned the post book to the series, “After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse”. It’s a book that tells what happened to minor characters after the series ends and it will be released in October.

She also mentioned that she is working on another paranormal trilogy that focuses on a pawn shop in Texas it is due out in spring 2014.

“Dead Ever After” is due out May 7 and is available here.

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