The Wall Street Journal focuses on the negativity of Harris’ choice in last book


The Wall Street Journal focuses on the negativity of Harris’ choice in last book

This morning, Charlaine Harris posted the Wall Street Journal’s newest article on her Facebook page. The article is titled, “How to Kill a Vampire (Series)” and even the title starts out the negative theme towards the author and her choice to end her hit book series, “The Sookie Stackhouse Series”.

The article begins by addressing the issue of Mrs. Harris wanting to kill Bill Comptom off five books ago but her editor didn’t want her to because of all the backlash from fans and the soon to be released television series so she let Bill live. And her editor was right.

The article also stated the following

Charlaine Harris grew tired of the characters, even as her hyper-dedicated followers lusted for more. She ran out of fresh story lines about her bubbly blond protagonist, Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress who tangles with an ever-expanding supernatural cast of vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, demons, goblins, elves, witches and fairies. She struggled to keep track of the convoluted mythology she’d invented. Things that used to excite her, like unveiling new supernatural creatures, started to feel stale.

So, many fans feel as if she gave up books ago? Did she add too many new creatures and was her mythology too convoluted?

Also, many of her fans want her to continue and many want their choice for Sookie to be the one and many have taken drastic measures from death threats to suicide threats according to the article. The author has stated many times that she has known the ending since the second book and that she knows her ending will not please everyone.

But, the biggest punch to Mrs. Harris was the comment that she will be like J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer in that their new series after their hit book won’t work. Well, this isn’t exactly true for Mrs. Harris. She has many series that are popular, “The Aura Teagarden” series and her “Grave” series. The “Grave” series has been optioned by CBS for another television show. So, will she still continue to succeed?

And to turn the tone around of the Wall Street Journal article and this one let’s focus on the fact that all series has to end either by the author or by the fans and the author has chosen to end the series. But, the question is how did she end the series and will most fans be happy with the ending.

Have you pre-ordered the book yet? Do you think that this article will hurt the sales of “Dead Ever After?”

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