Spoiler: ‘Vampire Diaries’ faces another death in season finale

Credits: The CW
Credits: The CW

Spoiler: ‘Vampire Diearies’ faces another death in season finale

Well, if you haven’t watched the last episode of “The Vampire Diaries” then proceed with caution. According to E!Online, yesterday May 12, Bonnie is permanently dead and there will be another major cast death this Thursday on the season finale of the CW’s hit vampire show.

The ending of “The Walking Dead” episode brought Alaric, Jeremy, Gram, and Kol back through the grave and left Bonnie dead at the end.

But, what will happen in the “Graduation” finale. As you have seen and read on the internet, there are pictures of Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie in graduation gowns.

But, the writers have said that she is permanently dead and many fans are happy. the story line with Bonnie is boring and she tends to take so much of the power and attention. The worse thing about Bonnie’s death is that she keeps giving everything up including for her life and family for Elena who doesn’t care about her at all. So, how will they bring Bonnie back to life after she more or less sacrificed herself for Jeremy to return to make Elena and herself happy?

And it has been leaked that there is something big that happens to a lead character that is a game changer. Let’s see we have that needs to be tied together this season:

  1. Elena choosing Damon or Stefan and one of them leaves after this
  2. Klaus and Caroline will have their moment
  3. The vampire hunters are on the loose and after the vampires
  4. There are other ghosts that are past the veil
  5. How does Bonnie attend graduation and of course college next season
  6. And Graduation has to happen
  7. And there is to be another shocking death

So, what do you think will happen this season finale? Who do you think will die? We already know that Caroline, Bonnie and Elena live together during college.

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