Rob Liefeld is Kickstarting a free ‘Brigade’

Credits: Rob Liefeld
Credits: Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld is Kickstarting a free ‘Brigade’

Image Comics co-founder and Deadpool creator, Rob Liefeld, launched his first Kickstarter campaign last week. The writer/artist wants to raise enough funds to distribute the re-launch of one of his other creations, Brigade – a part of his Extreme Universe, a long with Youngblood, Bloodstrike and Glory. Oh, and he wants to distribute the first issue for free.

That’s right. Inspired by fellow Image co-founder, Marc Silvestri’s, Kickstarter campaign to distribute the first arc of his “Cyber Force” re-launch for free, Liefeld is hoping to raise $17,500 in pledges in order to distribute 50,000 copies of “Brigade” #1 to comic shops to give away for free. Liefeld has confirmed that free distribution of “Brigade” #2 is a planned stretch goal for the campaign, if/when it reaches its initial target.

Liefeld, who provides writing and art on the new series, describes the re-launched “Brigade” as:

The premise behind the new Brigade is that all time and space is under constant attack by a multitude of threats each attempting to alter the course of human history. A Brigade of heroes is assembled by John Stone aka Battlestone who commands a diverse unit of heroes uniquely qualified to defend humanity and preserve the fragile order of things. By definition, “A Brigade is a major tactical military formation that is typically composed of up to three to six battalions”. The first of many TIME-BOMB’S has been detonated and the fabric of many realities has begun to crater and change.

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