Spoilers: What is the future of Stefan and Silas on ‘Vampire Diaries’

Credits: The CW
Credits: The CW

Spoilers: What is the future of Stefan and Silas on ‘Vampire Diaries’

The finale of “Vampire Diaries” left everyone wondering what is going to happen with Stefan and if he will escape the bottom of the river. There are also questions about Silas and what he will do at the beginning of the next season.

Here is what has been revealed thus far:


  • Stefan is Silas’ doppleganger and that this is the loophole for immortality
  • We know that Silas may not be around town the entire time but he will returning back to town
  • Silas’ agenda is still the same which is to take the cure, get rid of the other side and pass on and find peace in death
  • Silas is going to use his psychic ability to trick the residents of Mystic Falls into thinking he is Stefan
  • There are supposed to be some funny times at the beginning of the season

Here is what writer, Julie Plec said to TVline.com about Paul Wesley’s role as both Stefan and Silas:


“He is so happy,” Julie laughs. “Playing the straight man hero is not always the most exciting job for an actor, and Stefan, of all our heroes, is the straightest on the show. We get to go deeper into his ripper side sometimes, but for Paul, those moments are just pocket moments of opportunity to dig deeply into his craft, and a lot of other times he feels like he’s just grooming his hero hair. So obviously, he’s very enthusiastic about this, and has been supportive of it all along. He’s been dying for something; to be a jerk, to be evil, to be the bad guy, to be able to stretch his muscles.”


“The Vampire Diaries” is scheduled to return this fall on The CW.


How do you think the next season will go with the Silas/Stefan storyline?

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