Weekend box office summary: Supers of ‘Iron’ and ‘Steel’ set heroic pace in 2013

Credits: DC Entertainment
Credits: DC Entertainment

Weekend box office summary: Supers of ‘Iron’ and ‘Steel’ set heroic pace in 2013

June’s breakouts in theatres are setting breakthroughs for month’s all time movie records

“Man of Steel” helms being a barrier breaker off its opening weekend. Director Zack Snyder’s showcase of Superman’s mach flight and accompanying titan powers takes June 14’s Friday up to June 16 of Sunday at a number one spot in the covetous movie-showing month.

Even lead Henry Cavill might be knocked out his Kryptonian booted role with the revelation that Warner Bros. Kal-El reboot now lists as June’s top ranking overall box office opener. At $113. million for last weekend, “Man of Steel” soars into the number one slot formerly held by “Toy Story 3” which had accumulated $110.3 million in ticket sales.

Also along June 14 to 16, another debuting movie “This is the End” took second after 2013’s Superman origin film. The comedy-science fiction was able to rake in $20.5 million.

“Now You See Me”, “Fast & Furious 6” and “The Purge” were the respective rounders-up culmination the weekend’s top 5.

For 2013, especially across the summer circuit, film showings at the mega-intake remains belonging to “Iron Man 3”. As a box office propulsive, the movie still bests “Man of Steel” for the year’s best opening weekend, establishing a peak level at $174.1 million. A feat that is incredibly at a comparison least short of 2012’s “The Avengers” primary all-time $207.4 million.

While “Man of Steel” doesn’t soar high enough to score within the top ten all-time weekend debuters, DC Entertainment’s comic book movie is still the rival contender against Marvel Studios that could overtake or come closest to the billion dollar benchmark for the genre set by “Iron Man 3”.

The best records comprising the highest box office openers is a territory mostly taken by the comic book film genre, including “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”. Now “Man of Steel” surfaces as the next stage of multiplex prominence for DC Entertainment following the enervating nadir “Green Lantern”. More, the Superman flick premises a gateway for future superhero movies out from DC Comics character provision.

(Box Office Mojo)

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