Stan Lee enterprises into new cologne line

JADS International promo advertisement
JADS International promo advertisement

Stan Lee enterprises into new cologne line

Style doesn’t have to go geek culture but mass appeal can expect a new cologne arriving from one of comic book’s guru primes.

Stan Lee has spun the words into a catch-phrase webbing just as famous as his created Spider-Man, but now ‘Nuff Said isn’t just for the fan mail True Believers any longer. With Lee’s signature across the labeling, the JADS International sponsored cologne is the icon’s signature fragrance bottle.

As mighty as Thor from “The Avengers”? Amazing on par with “Amazing Spider-Man”? Like the ascending Hollywood filmmaker’s trend, it’ll be the consumers that will declare whether the scent of bergamot, cedar, white pepper, musk, violet, vetiver and basil is a hit.

The cologne bills as “adventurous as Stan’s superheroes, yet it can make you feel a bit villainous.”

While it has been a trend within geek culture to have sees an uprise from fantasy or science fiction premised signature blends over this decade plus, this is a current breakthrough for the NYC-native’s comics pioneering creative.

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