‘True Blood’ star to attend Scarefest Horror Convention

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Credits: HBO.com

‘True Blood’ star to attend Scarefest Horror Convention

Yesterday, June 11, Patti Starr the owner of ScareFest Horror and Paranormal Convention announced via their newsletter and Facebook page that there will be a “True Blood” star in attendance at the convention. That star is none other than Jim Parrack who played Hoyt Fortenberry from 2008-2012.

Jim began playing Hoyt when the show began in 2008 and he was introduced as Jason Stackhouse’s best friend. But, his popularity among fans came when he and then baby vamp Jessica began dating. This romance led fans to love the character even more. However, last season when Jessica left Hoyt, the character was later dropped from the show.


Jim is currently working on projects that include “A Child of God” and “A Night in Old Mexico”.


ScareFest is the horror and paranormal convention that takes place each year in Lexington, KY.


Other guest this year include Grant Wilson, John Zaffis, Steve and Tango from “Ghost Hunters” and Jeffery Combs from “The Reanimator”


Also, ScareFest is going to be holding a gaming section this year as well. It’s called “The Portal” and will have larp’ing, tabletop, and co-splaying.

This will be a great year! Jim Parrack will be signing at his booth so make sure that you

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