Weekend box office: ‘Monsters’ claws hold #1, ‘Man of Steel’ benches mileposts

Credits: Disney Pixar
Credits: Disney Pixar

Weekend ox office: ‘Monsters’ claws hold #1, ‘Man of Steel’ benches mileposts

It’s a rankings cliffhanger only the “Man of Steel” can achieve leaping into a theatrical showing with merely a single bound.

So what has the modern Superman endeavor done at the box office over June 28 to 30 domestic wise?

It wasn’t able to maintain back-to-back rankings as the weekend’s box office crowner. Disney Pixar’s animated flick “Monsters U” was, scaring back all debut and ongoing movies with $46.1 million.

Over June’s finis week’s ending “The Heat”was hot on the heels of the second Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sullivan (John Goodman) feature, Twentieth Century Fox’s mix of adventure and comedy hitting $40. million. Right behind the Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy comedy comes the Brad Pitt’s latest “World War Z” attaining $29.8 million. After a worldwide horror of zombie survival-fest, the action-packed “White House Down” follows at $25.7 million.

Where does “Man of Steel” avoid a Kryptonite crash landing at fifth place behind the second Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sullivan (John Goodman) feature?

The domestic top rankers are not coming close to the number one “Iron Man 3” holds on the listing for the best box office of 2013. With an international intake of $271.7 million, “Man of Steel” is now at $520.3 million worldwide, in-line but unlikely – at this pace – to reach the billion dollar mark made by the Robert Downey Jr. starring film.

By the same token ticket sales, it propels director Zach Snyder’s recent superhero opus into second place for 2013’s top grossing movies. The upswing comes off last weekend’s imminent springboard to overcome all contenders, which occurs with the Warner Bros. Kryptonian theatrical story reaching $248.million.

(Box Office Mojo)

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