SDCC 2013: Are the Sinestro Corps getting their own monthly series?

Credits: DC Comics
Credits: DC Comics

SDCC 2013: Are the Sinestro Corps. getting their own monthly series?

San Diego Comic Con is only weeks away, and big news in TV, film, video games and comics are sure to follow.

But what should we expect from DC Comics and specifically the Green Lantern titles at SDCC 2013? According to Bleeding Cool, DC will announce a new ongoing series dedicated to the Sinestro Corps.

This will make the sixth ongoing Green Lantern title, alongside Green Lantern: New Guardians, Green Lantern Corps, Red Lanterns, Larfleeze and of course Green Lantern.

Bleeding Cool also suspects the title will spin out of the “Lights Out” event that is happening in October.

So what say you? Do you want an ongoing title featuring the Sinestro Corps? Or should another Corps get the monthly treatment? Sound off in the comments section below.

Stay tuned here for any new information on the Sinestro Corps and SDCC.

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