Who is the major character dying this season on ‘True Blood’?

Credits: HBO.com True Blood
Credits: HBO.com True Blood

Who is the major character dying this season on ‘True Blood’?

In a Rolling Stone interview, Brian Buckner, confirmed that before the season started that a major character was dying this season on “True Blood“. Here is what he said,

One of our principal characters will not make it all the way through the season,” Brian tells the mag — a statement sure to shivers down the spine of any Truebie. “We’re going to stop to grieve them, and try to tell the more human side of the supernatural stories we’re telling.”

During the first episode Luna was killed because of the effects of her shifting into Steve Newlin in front of the television camera but she isn’t a “major” character.

Many fans are asking if it is Eric Northman? Many times when there are this many rumors it’s either a fact or a red herring.Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric has been having a very successful movie career since he started “True Blood” but with “True Blood”‘s shooting schedule it should be easy for him to work around this schedule

But, with no news as to whether “True Blood” has been renewed for next season, would this death be a test as to whether the fans would drop the show or hang on for the rest of the story?

Or will the main character be someone that they label a main character, like Chris Meloni’s character last year.

When looking at who they list as main characters, it appears that anyone is up for the death of the season.

Who do you think will die?  The poster above says that “No one lives forever”, who do you think is in this poster? Many say Eric and others say Bill. what do you think?


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