‘True Blood’ has been renewed for a seventh season

Credits: HBO.com
Credits: HBO.com

‘True Blood’ has been renewed for a seventh season

Great news Truebies! HBO just announced this morning, July 15 that they have ordered a seventh season of their signature show, “True Blood” to air the summer of 2014.

There was question about the next season being renewed after Show runner Alan Ball stepped down and Mark Huddis stepped down but new writer Brian Buckner took over half way through production and it seems to be going great even with the decline in viewers the first few episodes. But, reports say that the show is averaging 10 million views per episode.

There has not been a confirmed set of episodes but sources have said that there is to only ten episodes again this next season.

The fifth season is half way through and the anticipation is mounting as to who the main character’s identity is that dies this season.

The cast was interviewed by E!Online and they each stated that it was an emotional table read and that the person who died was emotional as well. Watch the video here and see if you can guess who it may be. So, we are assuming that this death won’t cause “True Blood” to loose viewers if they are renewing for next season.

We do know that the following characters were at the table read: Tara, Arlena, Alcide, Andy, Jason, Alcide, and Eric for sure but we assume that there were more for the table read.

So, congrats to all involved for one more season.

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