Weekend Box Office: Paranormal flicks take possession, play down family films

Credits: Warner Bros.
Credits: Warner Bros.

Weekend Box Office: Paranormal flicks take possession, play down family films

James Wan keeps delivering winning thriller scares, the latest haunt “The Conjuring” attesting through box office means his streak of top raters. The “Saw” director may have future sights on “Fast and Furious 7”, but for now can be content that the neo-possession flick not only hit critics’ scare buttons but was the only $41.5 million thwart barring “Despicable Me 2” from making Gru a theatrical king for a third continuous week.

This past July 19 to 21 the animated box office leader came in at $25. Million.


“Turbo” was the second animated leader within last weekend’s ten leading domestic movies. With rap star Snoop Dogg co-starring, the Fox animation took third place at $21.5 million and was the second movie starring Ryan Reynolds over a July 19 opener.


The paranormal action-comedy “R.I.P.D.” teams Reynolds with Jeff Bridges, and ranks a seventh place finish with a meager debut of $12.7 million. The adaption from Dark Horse comics is Warner Bros. second comic book movie over 2013, and pales in comparison to the “Man of Steel” nation-wide performance.


The Superman reboot doesn’t fare well against the family fun animation within the year. “Man of Steel” had what seemed to be a lock on the second-most box office 2013 influential after another superhero movie, “Iron Man 3”. The surprise has been “Despicable Me 2” wasn’t near being a sleeper but its powerhouse status with audiences had more super-showing than expected over a fan-favorite former super-villain.


Even with “R.I.P.D.” missing out as a box office superpower amongst comic book films, it does bolster the strength of the supernatural genre having stronger resonation with audiences than sci-fi: “Pacific Rim” at $15.9; comedy: “The Heat” with $9.3 million; and action-spy fi: “Red 2”, which culminates into squaring the fourth slot of first openers for the weekend. The comic book sequel with an all-star cast fits right into July 19s median, placing fifth at $18.5 million.


Releases upcoming for July 26 to 28 prompts the much-touted “The Wolverine” to represent the strongest new contender on the box office scene. The follow-up X-Men spinoff also contends a pivot that hoists a greater comic book features outlook or downgrades the genre for 2013 so far.


(Box Office Mojo)

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