Join Elizabeth Loraine on the Book Tour for Her New Shifter Book, ‘Green River’

Credits: author Elizabeth Loraine
Credits: author Elizabeth Loraine

Join Elizabeth Loraine on the Book Tour for Her New Shifter Book, ‘Green River’

Elizabeth Loraine, famous for her vampire series, “The Royal Blood Chronicles” and her supernatural story “Power” has now released a new book, “Green River”, the beginning of her “Shifter Chronicle Series. And today, July 25, she just announced on her Facebook page that she will be participating today in an internet wide book blog tour with Lady Reader’s Bookstuff.


“Green River” tells the story of Aidan, a young shifter who is torn between hiding his secret and protecting his tribe or to protect these new humans that he just met. He knows that Missy and Charlotte are in trouble and he is drawn to them, in a very strong way.


There is a killer in Seattle that is familiar to Aidan and his tribe. Here is an official description from the book:


A killer roams Seattle, one eerily familiar to one from decades ago, How can he just stand by and watch as what happened decades ago happens yet again? No…Green River is his territory now and Aidan decides nothing is going to keep him from stopping this killer before he can kill again. When Charlotte decides the same thing, they join together and find that their worlds intertwine more than they could have ever imagined. Alliances are formed, families are pulled apart, and a love story begins.


There are several contests going on as well as multiple blogs hosting the tour. For information on how to participate and possibly win prizes please visit the blog host’s website here.


Elizabeth is an excellent writer and her stories are wonderful. Please check out her author’s page on here.

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