Villains Month Books that could Sustain a Series

Credits: DC Entertainment
Credits: DC Entertainment

Villains Month Books that could Sustain a Series

A few months ago, this Examiner published a List of villains deserving their own series, including DC Universe villains Kobra and the nation of Zandia. Shortly thereafter, DC Comics, coincidentally, announced their villains centric event “Forever Evil,” kicking off during a month of villain starring issues, dubbed “Villains Month.” What could fans expect if some of those villains’ stories continued beyond that?

Villains Month has some of DC’s greatest villains, including The Joker, Lex Luthor, Bane, Darkseid, and The Secret Society, taking over DC’s biggest titles for the month of September. The focus is on them while the Justice League is out of commission, due to the events of “Trinity War.” The scope of these one-shots varies. Some of them reveal origins, some tie directly into the larger “Forever Evil” event, while others progress the stories of the characters as they have been seen to date. However, many of these villains have enough substance behind them to carry them beyond a single issue.

DC has already announced a few of tie-in mini-series to go alongside “Forever Evil.” “Rogues Rebellion” starring The Flash’s Rogues, “Arkham War” starring the escapees of Arkham Asylum and “A.R.G.U.S.” starring the surviving members of that goverment taskforce will all run six issues. The following List takes a look at some of the other villains featured during Villains Month who could continue on in their own ongoing series.

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