Is Season Seven the Last for ‘True Blood’?


Is Season Seven the Last for ‘True Blood’?

True Blood”s” season six finale aired last Saturday but it drew less viewers overall than any season before and the finale drew fewer viewers than this season’s opener and the fifth season’s finale. So, does this mean the end for many fans favorite supernatural show?

This should not come as a surprise to many “True Blood” fans but the executive producers are beginning talks as to whether this upcoming seventh season will be the supernatural shows last one. announced yesterday, Aug. 23, that a decision should be coming within the next few weeks but that doesn’t mean that fans will find out that soon.

With the change in writers and to some the constant bombarding of political and religious undertones, and too many scattered stories may have brought the end of the onetime HBO hit series.
The show had a huge following but many blame the fifth season for the loss of fans, when the Vampire Authority took so much of the storyline and the main character, Sookie Stackhouse wasn’t even a main part of the show.

Would the end also be near because with only 10 episodes, many of the actors have pursued other projects and even family?

Is it that the story has been told? What do you think? The actors’ contracts are up after season seven, would this be a good time to end the story?

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