Is Venom’s Time in Philly ending?

Credits: Marvel Comics
Credits: Marvel Comics

Is Venom’s Time in Philly Ending?

As reported today on, the “Venom” series is coming to an end with issue #42 in October. In November, Flash Thompson, aka Venom, will be heading back to New York City to face the Superior Spider-Man in a story called “Darkest Hours,” beginning in “Superior Spider-Man” #22. Whether that means a permanent address change for Venom, or his new sidekick Mania, remains to be seen.

Either way, it means the end of the only regular representation of the city of Philadelphia in the Marvel Universe. Philly has been a part of the last dozen issues of what will be the longest running “Venom” series ever, even those starring original Venom host – Eddie Brock, but, with no “Venom” series, the future of the City of Brotherly Love in Marvel Comics is uncertain. It is possible that the current series is ending to make way for a new relaunch or even a Mania series, but Marvel and current “Venom” writer, Cullen Bunn, are not revealing any details. Other then to say there are big plans in store for Venom and that Bunn said he is “not done with symbiotes just yet.” So, with that in mind, be sure to continue supporting the “Venom” series.

The “Venom” series did a great deal to develop Philadelphia in the Marvel Universe, where, previously, the city was mostly a blank slate.

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