It’s a new SAGA for 2013 Harvey Awards wins

Credits: Image Comics
Credits: Image Comics

It’s a new SAGA for 2013 Harvey Awards wins

Six wins bestowing out of seven nominations brands the science fiction action-drama SAGA being the center stage stand-out from the 2013 Harvey Awards, which were given on Saturday night, Sept. 7, in Baltimore, Maryland.

There are those categories that depose Image Comics’ clear winner from selection, and a bold italics recipiency. Legendary artist Jaime Hernandez took in Best Cartoonist for his current work on Love & Rockets: New Stories. Avengers Arena’s Dennis Hopeless can count 2013 as a breakout with recognition from his win on Most Promising New talent.

But Best Single Issue or Story, Best Artist, Best Writer, Best Continuing or Limited Series, Best New Series and Best Colorist is the awards constellate SAGA finds itself orbiting.

Co-creator Fiona Staples took in Best Colorist and Best Artist while her colleague Brian K. Vaughn won for Best Writer. Staples took to Twitter on her and Vaughn’s combined bouquet of Harvey’s, stating,


The Harvey awards mean SO MUCH to me since they’re decided on by our industry [professionals]… thank you for voting for me, BKV and Saga! Overwhelmed!!

Defeater to a SAGA sweep of nominee categories came from the solo Avenger’s spinoff Hawkeye with Best Cover Artist gained by David Aja.

The Harvey Awards full array winners comes into overview on their official Facebook page.

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