‘Shazam!’ makes a striking debut

Credits: DC Entertainment
Credits: DC Entertainment

‘Shazam!’ makes a striking debut

Today sees the release of “Shazam!” Volume 1 from DC Comics. The hardcover book collects the Shazam! back up feature from the “Justice League” series and stars the New 52 version of Shazam, the super-hero formerly known as Captain Marvel. The collection is written by DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, and art by Gary Frank. The pair previously collaborated on “Batman: Earth 2” and a number of Superman stories, including “Superman: Secret Origin.”

“Shazam!” Volume 1 marks the New 52 debut of Billy Batson and his alter ego of the Mightiest Mortal, Shazam. When the wizard Shazam’s champion, Black Adam, went rogue centuries ago, the Council of Wizards locked him away, along with all the magic in the world. When Black Adam is freed, Shazam, now the last surviving member of the Council, must choose a new champion.

Johns and Frank do an excellent job of re-introducing Billy Batson and the Marvel Family in a way that will appeal to long time and new fans of the characters.

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