Marvel reveals more teasers for NYCC 2013

Credits: Marvel Comics
Credits: Marvel Comics

Marvel reveals more teasers for NYCC 2013

With New York City Comic-Con a little over a week away, Marvel Comics has continued to tease big announcements for comic book fans. All last week the publisher released teasers that had one word on it — in the seemingly Marvel way — with the creative teams attached.

Today, Marvel has released two more teasers that simply state ‘Higher’ and ‘Sinners’. The creative team behind ‘Higher’ is none other than Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez. Now, immediately ‘Captain Marvel’ comes to mind. This announcement is set to happen during the ‘Superior Spider-Man And Friends’ panel at NYCC, which Carol Danvers is affectionately a part of.

It’s also good to note that there will be no ‘Captain Marvel’ in the month of November. with DeConnick did tell fans on her blog that they should not be worried stating, “Exciting news coming, but I don’t want to step on any Marvel toes by speaking out of turn. Until official word is out, Carol Corps — stay tuned, have faith. It’s all good. I’ve never lied to you before, have I?”

Best Bet: ‘Captain Marvel’ will be getting some sort of renumbering with a status-quo shift coming soon.

The second teaser shows an all red lettering that reads ‘Sinners’. The creative team is Charles Soule (‘Thunderbolts’) — who was just announced as the writer of the new ‘She-Hulk’ ongoing — and Carlo Barberi (‘Nova’).

At the ‘Amazing X-Men & The Marvel Universe’ panel, this announcement will be revealed. But the exact project is difficult to pinpoint. On one hand, it can be something entirely new. For that we can look go two ways: One direction we can go is toward the X-Men side of the Marvel U. Sinners? Red? Magneto immediately comes to mind if Marvel was to create a new ongoing. Or will Soule take over the reins of Deadpool, who he used to write — and still does in ‘Thunderbolts’. But interestingly enough, ‘Sinners’ means more than one sinner. So it will probably be a team book and he already writes one.

Best Bet: ‘Thunderbolts’ gets some sort of renumbering.

What do you think the teasers mean? Let us know in the comments section below and take a look at the all the Marvel NYCC 2013 teasers in the slideshow.

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