Game on: IDW Publishing bases new gaming division on comics properties

Credits: Kill Shakespeare Official Site
Credits: Kill Shakespeare Official Site

Game On: IDW Publishing bases new gaming division on comics properties

It was a galore of fangs that brought the bloody and monstrous back to the present day vampire story, a broad stroke of horror and carnage that made comics readers and movie audiences momentarily escape the rock star Adonis or Venus glamour of today’s nosferatu.

30 Days of Night was the work from IDW Publishing, and varies with the fame from the comics publisher’s groundbreaking tribute and original spin to The Bard in 2010.

Kill Shakespeare was a huge continental influence, invoking readings within local bookstores and scholastic venues while a given city’s theater found its headlines intertwining with the comics creators when they took a podium at center stage.

Both titles will be the beach landings for an all-new line of tabletop games featuring titles from IDW.

On Oct. 5, the fifteen-year veteran company made the press release announcement that they will be partnering with Pandasaurus Games to develop these comics-based board games.

“We’re well known for diversity at IDW, in the world of entertainment and comics,” said CEO & Publisher Ted Adams. “With all of the great properties we publish, it seemed natural that a lot of them would make fantastic games. We’ve found the perfect partner in Pandasaurus Games to help us make that happen.”

The games are due to release in the late Spring of 2014. The new project of transitioning IDW properties will fall under a newly organized wing, IDW Games.

“We’re incredibly excited to move into tabletop gaming and give fans a way to spend even more time with their favorite titles. This is a very strong pair of games to launch right out of the gate, and over the next few months we’ll be making more major announcements that should have the gaming community buzzing,” said IDW New Business Development Director Jerry Bennington.

The Austin-based Pandasaurus Games has been known for their forefront titles Yedo, Tammany Hall and Firenze.

“We at Pandasaurus Games are thrilled to be working with the talented team at IDW to develop incredible games built on the amazing worlds of their comics. The wealth of creative talent that IDW has worked with is unmatched. More than that, their comic books create living breathing worlds that drip theme and beg readers to dive into headfirst. We can’t wait to help bring these worlds to life for gamers everywhere. Pandasaurus and IDW are committed to working hand in hand with world class designers and artists to build original experiences from the ground up based on the living worlds created in the pages of IDW comics,” said Pandasaurus President/Founder Nathan McNair.

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