NYCC 2013: Marvel: Amazing X-Men and The Marvel Universe Recap

Credits: Marvel Comics
Credits: Marvel Comics

NYCC 2013: Marvel: Amazing X-Men and The Marvel Universe Recap

New York Comic Con is here, true believers. And early Friday morning, Marvel Comics kicked the festivities off with their ‘Amazing X-Men & The Marvel Universe’ panel. It was a packed house with many of the writers of the X-books present (unfortunately absent was ‘Wolverine & The X-Men’, ‘Amazing X-Men’ writer Jason Aaron and ‘All New X-Men’ and ‘Uncanny X-Men’ writer Brian Michael Bendis).

The official description for the panel is as follows: X-fans cannot skip this panel! Hear about the future of the X-Universe, straight from editors and creators working on current (and future!) X- titles. Have questions about X-Men Battle of the Atom? Curious what mutantkind will look like following the crossover? Get a special look at Amazing X-Men, the brand new title that will resurrect a favorite mutant from years past! Plus, exciting All-New Marvel NOW news for the X-Universe and beyond! Panel will feature Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Peter David (X-Factor), Gerry Duggan (Deadpool), Dennis Hopeless (Cable and X-Force), Marjorie Liu (Astonishing X-Men), and Brian Wood (X-Men) and more!

The guests were brought up to speed on the various books and a lot of new books were announced. Even some of those teasers that were going around the comic book media outlets were revealed. Here’s the recap:

‘Amazing X-Men’ from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinnes was the first book discussed. Senior Editor Nick Lowe — who was monitoring the panel — spoke for the creators saying that McGuinness has been waiting to draw Nightcrawler his whole life. The Story will see Nightcrawler go to Hell and back.

‘X-Men’ by Brian Wood was next. The next arc will feature Lady Deathstrike with a brand new look. You’ll find out why that is during the arc.

– Monet from X-Factor will be joining the cast. Wood wanted Monet from the start of the book.

‘Wolverine & The X-Men’ issues #38 and #39 will deal with the events of ‘Battle of the Atom’

– Wolverine will also be facing off against SHIELD.

‘All New X-Men’ issues #18-20 will deal with the events of ‘Battle of the Atom’ and will be the book largest affected by the crossover.

‘Uncanny X-Men’ #14 will be an Emma Frost-centric story.

– Issue #15 will be tied to ‘Inhumanity’ with a character debut that will have people upset with Bendis

– Issue #16 will be a Magneto-centric story

‘Savage Wolverine’ will see Jock wrapping up his space story with issues #11

– Phil Jimenez will jump on for issues #12 and #13 where Wolverine will go to Madripoor

‘Wolverine’ will see the end of the ‘Killable’ arc in issue #13 as we find out Sabretooth is behind the hit against Logan

‘Uncanny X-Force’ and ‘Cable and X-Force’ will be having a crossover called ‘Vendetta’

– ‘Vendetta’ will be 4 issues long and will see the return of Stryfe


– The ‘Sinners’ teaser was referring to ‘Thunderbolts’ and Ghost Rider joining the team with issue #20

– ‘Wrath’ teaser was announcing the new arc of ‘Savage Wolverine’ written by Isanove that will be set in the 30s. (started issue #14)

– ‘Trial’ and ‘Judgment’ teasers were referring to a new crossover between ‘All New X-Men’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

– the crossover will feature the original X-Men — in new outfits — in space as the Shi-ar empire puts young Jean on trial while the Guardians try to protect them.

– ‘Corporate’ teaser describes a brand new X-book called … ‘All New X-Factor’.

– It will feature the Serval Industries which is described as Google in the Marvel Universe.

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