‘Tainted Blood’ by Joann Martin Sowles is a five star read for vampire lovers

Credits: Amazon.com
Credits: Amazon.com

‘Tainted Blood’ by Joann Martin Sowles is a five star read for vampire lovers

“Tainted Blood”, the third book in the “Brookehaven Vampire Series” by Joann I. Martin Sowles is a must read for any vampire fan. The romance between Laney and Oliver is perfect, not too sappy and not too boring. Her vampire world is very complex and interesting. It pulls you int to wanting to know more about the vampire organization and the back story of even secondary characters even the newly introduced angels in this book.

“The Brookehaven Vampire” is a young adult book about human Laney and vampire Oliver’s love. In “Laney” the first book you are introduced to the couple and it was well written and really drew in the fans of the vampire human romance story.

But the author really kicks up the action in book two, “Darkness” when darkness and tragedy does fall upon Laney, but this only result in the character growth of Laney and her and the reader learning more of what she really has inside of her.

The third book, “Tainted Blood” is even a bigger accomplishment for the author. The first half of the book focuses on the relationship between Laney and Oliver but the second really allows Laney to grow on her own and begin to learn more about the people she calls friends, the history behind Brookehaven, and even more importantly herself.

The book mixes the right amount of action and romance that will hold any reader to the story. The vividness of the scenes are just like you are there and the characters are ones that you really become invested in.

The best part of the book is when they begin attending night class and learn more about paranormal studies. I never wanted this section to end.

This book is a must read book and leaves the reader wanting more.

The fourth book, titled “Cursed” is set to release in November.

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