‘Charmed’ may be returning to television

Credits: CBS
Credits: CBS

‘Charmed’ may be returning to television

CBS announced yesterday, Oct. 25 that they are in the works of making a reboot or according to the release, more of a re-imaging of the WB/CW hit “Charmed“. “Charmed” was an Aaron Spelling hit that told the story of three sisters who find out that they are witches and have to figure out how to balance work, love, and fighting evil. The show lasted 8 seasons and was one of the top all female cast television show ever next to “Murder She Wrote.”

CBS owns the rights to “Charmed” and are looking at “Party of Five” co-creator Chris Keyser and partner Sydney Sidner to co-write this project. But this is just a request for a script and honestly doesn’t promise anything.

Fans have been asking CBS for reunion movie through a very viral petition campaign with even the support from the former actresses of the show, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty, Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano. But when news broke about the possible reboot there wasn’t much positive in the tweets from these same stars.

Alyssa Milano said “The thing about them doing a #charmed reboot is… it just… it feels like yesterday. It feels too close.”

Rose McGowan tweeted ” They are really running out of ideas in Hollywood”.

This is all the news that has been released at this time.

With the success of “Witches of East End”, “American Horror Story:Coven”, “Once Upon a Time” and many other supernatural shows, maybe the executives are finally figuring out that witches are very popular at this time.

So, what do you think of the reboot?

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