Final trailer for ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ unveiled

Credits: Lionsgate
Credits: Lionsgate

Final trailer for ‘The Hunger Games: CatchingFire’ unveiled


The final trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has been unveiled — and though it is only about one-minute long, it features plenty of new footage for fans to get excited about.

The trailer, which debuted during Game 4 of the World Series Sunday night, features a bounty of footage from the arena scenes in Catching Fire — starting with Katniss climbing a tropical tree, surveying the watery clock-like center of the gaming arena, and then aiming her arrow into the sky.

The new tagline “Hope is stronger than fear” also debuts during the trailer, intercut with footage of riots breaking out, Katniss embracing her sister, and training sequences. We then see more footage from the arena, including a look at some of the “monkey mutts,” the poisonous fog, and the Jabberjays.

This is the third and final trailer for Catching Fire, though it’s likely Lionsgate will be releasing more short TV spots in the coming weeks.

The one-minute trailer is intense, and fans are now even more anxious for the film’s November 22nd release date.

Let us know your favorite moments from the trailer in the comments below!

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