Free vampire magazine released just in time for Halloween

Credits: Sufi Mohamed
Credits: Sufi Mohamed

Free vampire magazine released just in time for Halloween announced yesterday on their website that they just released their second edition of their digital magazine online yesterday. This edition focused on the movies, lore and legend of the vampire.

The magazine featured articles, interviews and reviews from vampire authors Stavros, Charles E. Butler, Bertena Varney, Andrew Boylan, Caroline Stikklebroek, David MacDowell Blue, Lachelle Redd, Mo Hussain, Roger Koch, and Scarlette D’Noire. There are also some very intriguing reviews from film critics Seung-woo Baek and Helen Marukh.

Sufi Mohamed is the creator and editor in chief of this wonderful magazine and is also a graduate student in media studies at the University of Luzern in Zurich Switzerland.

When asked about vampires he had this to say about the ever evolving monster:

For me, the vampire is as immortal to popular culture as its nature and symbolizes lust, adventure, and seduction. The vampire is topical, has always been topical throughout time and perhaps there’s a reason, as Caroline explained. The vampire embodies a consciousness that we need, another that exists within and beyond us, both human and yet not at all. A vampire is not only a monster it’s a part of us.

The magazine was Sufi’s creation but he met up with another vampirologist named Anthony Hogg, with whom he credits for assisting him in this edition.

This magazine is a digital edition that is provided for free for your reading. It really brings together some of the world’s well known vampirologists and enthusiasts.

So, please take time and download this wonderful vampire magazine just in time for Halloween. Simply click here and it’s yours.

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