Submissions for ‘Vampire News’ 2013 are being requested


Submissions for ‘Vampire news’ 2013 are being requested

Crazy Duck Press announced that they are seeking submissions for their annual vampire anthology called “Vampire News”.

The anthology started in 2011 when Stavros and Bertena collaborated on the first issue that brought together news articles, facts, reviews, and pictures from 2011 and compiled it into a small but very interesting book called “Vampire News: Tasty Bits You Can Sink Your Fangs Into”. It was released in the spring of 2012 and was a great hit that pulled many vampire writers, actors, photographers together into the first publication.

The second publication covered events from 2012 and was published in the spring of 2013. This one was titled, “Vampire News: The Not So End Times”. It of course expanded from the first edition almost doubling in size and was a huge hit at the many conventions that its creators and contributors attended. It added a huge timeline for 2012 as well as expansive articles, news and facts.

So, now they are looking at their third as of yet untitled edition that is going to press in the first months of 2014. If you have vampire related events that occurred in 2013 such as book releases, movie premieres, conventions, book signings, etc please send the information and if possible pictures that they can use.

They are also looking for original art, photographs as well as articles, reviews, critiques, etc. Once all submissions are received then they will contact who they want to include in the publication.

If you would like to look at the last two editions, you can download them for free here. Read these and then see what you may want to submit here.

Read More by Bertena Varney


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