Vampirologists created new forum and seeking like minded members

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Vampirologists created new forum and seeking like minded members

Anthony Hogg, a writer, academic and vampire enthusiast began a blog and subsequently a Facebook page and group for those with similar interests of the undead could join and share links, opinions, and ideas. Recently, he and mass media graduate student, Sufi Mohamed, editor in chief of developed a website titled, Vampireologist to host forums and articles about vampires in mythology, pop culture, history as well as culture. He announced yesterday, Oct. 25 that they were opening the site for members. Here is who they are looking for.

This website is currently looking for members to help grow the community.Here is how Anthony describes the website:

It’s intended to unite people interested in vampires. No matter what your personal investment in the subject is, be it scholarly, a casual browser or if you’re a member of the Vampire Community, there’s a selection of groups and forums covering all aspects of vampirism.

It is to offer a free, open and respectful discussion about all aspects of vampires not just vampirologist. But, what is a vampirologist? This is how it is defined on the site:

A vampirologist, simply put, is someone who studies vampires. Is it meant literally? Do they strap vampires to operating tables and dissect them? No. So let’s clear that up right away. They study vampires as a subject through a variety of academic perspectives, be they cinematic or literary criticism, anthropological and folkloric interpretations or psychoanalytic overviews. Just to name a few.

At this time the Facebook group has 317 members and the Facebook page has 93 likes. The concept is slowly growing but it can boast of authors, actors, artists, photographers, poets, academians and bloggers to name a few.

So, if you would like to join please just click here and fill out the profile. Can’t wait to see you there.

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