Lionsgate in talks for possible ‘The Hunger Games’ theme park

Credits: Lionsgate
Credits: Lionsgate

Lionsgate in talks for possible ‘The Hunger Games’ theme park

In an extreme case of “missing the point,” Lionsgate is supposedly in talks to develop a theme park (or at least theme park attractions) based on The Hunger Games series.
During a conference call Friday morning, CEO Jon Feltheimer said that Lionsgate has been “approached in two territories about potential theme park opportunities” for The Hunger Games and that they are “considering those possibilities,” according to Variety.
“We’re pursuing them,” Feltheimer said.
This begs the question, does Lionsgate even care what The Hunger Games series is about and what it means to fans? Moves like this further fan suspicion that Lionsgate’s only concern is profitability. And while making money should be the studio’s primary goal, a Hunger Games theme park could seriously disenchant their core fanbase.
The very idea of a theme park based on The Hunger Games flies in the face of everything the series stands for. It is, after all, a book (and movie) about kids being forced to kill each other for televised entertainment by a totalitarian government.
What would a Hunger Games theme park even entail? Different lands themed by the 12 Districts of Panem, where the majority of the country’s people live in extreme poverty and hardship? Yeah, that sounds like a fun day at the amusement park. Or how about a ride inspired by the Hovercrafts that carry tributes to the arena where all but one of them will die? Cheery thought.
Fans are excited about The Hunger Games, and most are willing to shell out big bucks to soak up everything related to the franchise — but even some merchandising choices have raised eyebrows since the first movie hit theaters. The China Glaze nail polish collection, CoverGirl makeup collection, line of Barbie dolls, and the new Capitol Couture clothing line at Net-A-Porter have all given many fans pause as to whether these products really fit in with the message of the series.
It’s horrifying to think what a Hunger Games theme park could really entail, but what’s more frightening is if the backlash from fans is ignored — or worse, not loud enough to truly protest such a horrifying idea. What do you think of the idea of a Hunger Games theme park? Tell us in the comments below.

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