Hero of the hour: CW designing to adapt DC Comics Hourman into network series

Credits: DC Comics
Credits: DC Comics

Hero of the hour: CW designing to adapt DC Comics Hourman into network series

A pulp hero is about to go the niche fame to live action primetime reveal. And it comes through a Golden Age perennial favorite comic book fans have seen in the All-Star Squadron, Justice Society of America and in premier cameos such as Starman circa the James Robinson benchmark version.

For an hour-long series the CW, according to TVGuide.com, is taking on the hero of titular superpower’s time extent. Rex Tyler is the civilian identity of Hourman, with the origin within DC Comics of a scientist discovering a chemical breakthrough pill that empowers the imbiber with physical super-abilities.

From TVGuide.com, the developing adaptation will feature “a pharmaceutical analyst who discovers that he can see glimpses of tragic events about to occur one hour into the future”.

Warner Bros. will be partnering with Lin Pictures for this project, which additions to the already weekly series “Arrow”, also a property out of DC Comics, on to the CW network. Lin Pictures brings the project executive producers Dan Lin (“Sherlock Holmes”, “Gangster Squad”) and Jennifer Gwartz “Veronica Mars”).

Hourman was created in 1940 by Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily.


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