NBC releases promo video for Josh Hutcherson’s ‘SNL’ episode

Credtis: Lionsgate
Credtis: Lionsgate

NBC releases promo video for Josh Hutcherson’s ‘SNL’ episode

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star Josh Hutcherson will host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and NBC has now released his promo reel for the upcoming episode.

In the video clips, Hutcherson and “SNL” comedian Bobby Moynihan run through a series of jokes and light gags, teasing this weekend’s episode. Hutcherson will be joined on “SNL” on November 23rd by musical guest HAIM.

Hutcherson’s appearance is timed nicely to Friday’s theatrical release of Catching Fire, the second movie in the blockbuster Hunger Games franchise. His hosting gig on “SNL” follows a busy couple of weeks promoting Catching Fire for media appearances, as well as multiple red carpet premieres.

It’s expected Hutcherson’s episode will feature at least one spoof of The Hunger Games series, which is referenced throughout the promo reel. Last year when co-star Jennifer Lawrence hosted “SNL,” she recreated her role of Katniss Everdeen in a “press conference” about winning the Hunger Games.

“SNL” also previously spoofed The Hunger Games in an episode hosted by Sofia Vergara.

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