‘Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special’ was loved by all

Credits: BBC
Credits: BBC

‘Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special’ was loved by all

Well, as if anyone was surprised, Doctor Who fans from all around the world absolutely loved the “Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special” that aired yesterday simultaneously around the world. The anniversary special brought together Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt with cameos from Tom Baker and Peter Capaldi, the soon to be new Doctor as they dealt with crisis with Queen Elizabeth I, modern London, and Gallifrey.

The story was wonderful in keeping fresh the personalities of Smith and Tennant’s Doctors while also showing how things aren’t always what they seem. The scene that appeared to be fans favorites was the ending when the twelve doctors flew their Tardis’ into Gallifrey to “save it”.

Critics, fans, and even the stars were on Twitter talking about how much they loved the show and how the story came about perfectly.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special will show Matt Smith regenerating into Peter Capaldi as the newest and the Twelfth Doctor. It is set to air on December 25.

Did you watch the 50th Anniversary Special? What did you think?

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