Marvel teases ‘Infamous’ for March 2014

Credits: Marvel Comics
Credits: Marvel Comics

Marvel teases ‘Infamous’ for March 2014

It seems like every week more and more teasers pop up from Marvel Comics. We’ve seen plenty already with their new All New Marvel Now! initiative revealing brand new titles, relaunches and creative team shifts. But what exactly can this latest tease be?

With the word ‘Infamous’ ominously printed on a black backdrop with just the color purple filling in the word and red outlining the letters it may be difficult to predict. Or is it?

The creative team of Cullen Bunn and Gabriel Hernandez Walta may not immediately jump off the page, but it may be easier to deduce. Walta has penciled plenty of X-titles over at Marvel and Bunn is coming off the ‘Fearless Defenders’ and ‘Venom’ books.

Then there’s the color scheme of the teaser. Immediately, purple and red make you think of Magneto and Walta penciled the mini-series ‘Magneto: Not A Hero.’ So it may seem a Magneto solo title (or team book?) is in the works.

But the only way to be sure is to wait for the March solicits that should come out in February. So until then, stay tuned.

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