Orlando Harding and First Comics searching for fresh industry talent

Credits: Mark Turner
Credits: Mark Turner

Orlando Harding and First Comics searching for fresh industry talent

For many comic book fans, the dream of being given the opportunity to work in the industry is just that…a dream. But every so often, a talented few manage to blaze their way onto the comic book scene by working on the next big thing. For those special few, all they need is a chance to showcase what they can do. When a publishing company and established creator put out the call for those who have that kind of vision, the opportunity can be a chance of a lifetime. Get you pens, pencils, paints and inks ready, Orlando Harding and First Comics are making that very call right now as they kick off an epic talent search for their next upcoming project. Orlando Harding, creator of the series Nightstalker is gearing up production on what looks to be another big hit for the creator and publisher First Comics. With a story set in San Francisco and playing with the theme of the supernatural that he does so well, Mr. Harding is looking for talent to make this next work come to life. Specifically he is looking for the next hot industry Penciler, Inker and Colorist who has not yet been published. Have you ever dreamed of working as a creative talent behind a hot comic book property? Think you have what it takes to roll with the professionals and start a career in the comic book industry? Then you should definitely check this opportunity out. Information regarding the contest rules and details can be found on the Digital Webbing site.: http://www.digitalwebbing.com/2013/12/first-comics-new-talent-search/

Talent Search deadline is January 1st, so get cracking.

Mr. Harding and First Comics are known for the quality of their product, so be prepared to bring your “A” game. Check out the associated video to learn a bit more about Mr. Harding’s previous work and the passion that lies behind the title. Orlando Harding is the creator and writer on the indie titles Pariah and Nightstalker, two great supernatural action/fantasy series that unfold against a San Francisco/Bay Area setting featuring art work by David Miller. First Comics (best known for publishing titles such as American Flagg!, Grimjack, Nexus, Badger, Dreadstar, and Jon Sable) is in the midst of returning to the industry scene with a lineup of next generation comics and creators that is sure to knock the socks off . Check out the latest for First Comics. This is a development well worth keeping an eye on. Check it out.

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