Investigating New Paradigm Studios Watson and Holmes #6

Credits: New Paradigm Studios
Credits: New Paradigm Studios

Investigating New Paradigm Studios Watson and Holmes #6

Art that elevates and a story that features engaging/intelligent writing are two of the ingredients that must be present to serve up a tale that leaves readers wanting more. New Paradigm Studios has been in the kitchen ensuring they have nothing but the best “Master Chefs” cranking on their hit title Watson and Holmes and with issue #6 featuring a guest team, there was a risk that the recipe could be flubbed. Good news, the contributors on this issue know their stuff in aces. New Paradigm Studios: Watson and Holmes #6 features a story and writing from Brandon Easton and art by N. Steven Harris on what can be called one of the must have titles of the week. The official story synopsis for this issue entitled The Case of Mr. and Mrs. Gemini is as follows: “When a prominent politician’s wife ends up dead at the base of the George Washington Bridge, NYPD’s Lt. Stroud knows she needs the best to find the people responsible quietly. Watson and Holmes follow the trail of clues but when the case goes quickly down the rabbit hole will our heroes keep their heads? “-New Paradigm Studios.

Brandon Easton(Shadowlaw, Thundercats animated series 2011, The Joshua Run, Roboy) delivers a story that manages to incorporate a subject matter that is topical without it overwhelming the story and maintains the character voice and overall title tone established in previous issues. Writing dialog this crisp and weaving a mystery as layered as this is no easy feat and speaks volumes of the true skill at work behind the pen of Brandon Easton. The post story note from Brandon Easton is a nice touch that reminds us that although we may have been entertained by an incredible story, there is a much larger issue to take into consideration. N Steven Harris (Aztec: The Ultimate Man, Generation X, Voltron, The Chromium Man) populates each panel with images that have weight and manages to use all available space without making the panels feel overcrowded . Instances of dynamic action play out with power and force that leave the reader gasping for breath after watching it all unfold. Polish this off with contributions from Wilson Ramos Jr. on lettering (clear, concise and suited to the story; making it easy to read and follow the tale as it unfolds) and Jay David Ramos on coloring (tones and shades that give character and life to the streets and people of New York city in a compelling manner).

New Paradigm Studios is setting a precedent that sets the bar very high in terms of quality storytelling on all levels. It is good to see that this standard is a constant even when creative teams change on a property. With this issue of Watson and Holmes, it is a great jumping on point for those who may have missed the first five issues. Intelligent, well produced and bringing you a fresh take on classic characters, Watson and Holmes #6 NEEDS to be on your pull list for this week’s must reads! So what are you waiting for? Head down to your local comic shop and demand your copy now!!

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