Cultural pop: Exhibit culminates comics and pop culture around African-Americans

Credits: Geppi's Entertainment Museum / Facebook
Credits: Geppi’s Entertainment Museum / Facebook

Cultural pop: Exhibit culminates comics and pop culture around African-Americans

There are comics milestones, was once a Milestone Comics and now a celebrative exhibit of cultural Milestones in comics. In Baltimore the famous fixture of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum has begun a special multi-media exhibit highlighting the African-American contributions and characters in superheroes and pop culture.

From their press release Melissa Geppi-Bowersox, President of G.E.M., states:

“We are thrilled to be showcasing such an extraordinarily diverse collection of artistic pieces in so many different mediums within the Museum. There are some truly amazing comics, designs, drawings, paintings and programming that have been set for this exhibit, and Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is proud to be the sole exhibitor for such a terrific group of artists.”

Curators Michael Davis and Tatiana El-Khouri have organized a broad display from several artists that includes the artwork of Denys Cowan, Don McGregor, Shawn Martinbrough, Micheline Hess and even the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention.

Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond led off on Dec. 14th and will continue on into early 2014.

“The true beauty of this exhibit is the moment when race and color become obsolete, and you see the creative genius of the amazing worlds established that are mainstream.”

The exhibit’s wide multi-media selection of pop cultural aspects goes from the past up to present day’s internet showcasings in G.E.M.’s “Milestones”.

“African-Americans have made an indelible mark on the pop culture and entertainment landscape in front of the camera, behind the scenes, on the stage and in the recording booth. Although not as widely known, this is equally true in the world of comic books, where a renaissance of Black writers and artists are creating new characters and telling unique stories that are reaching larger audiences than ever before. As a lifelong comic book nerd, it’s my greatest pleasure to showcase the art from my digital graphic novel Tainted Love within the Milestones exhibit at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. This labor of love has enabled me to bring together some of my favorite artists who are leading the charge in creating increased diversity within the industry.” says Orlando Jones, currently co-starring on the hit FOX series “Sleepy Hollow”.

On Friday Dec. 13, a grand opening for the exhibit was held at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. A large turnout was massed throughout the exhibit. Special guests appearing spotlights the artist themselves, and even one multi-media participation openned and continues with Wayne Brady in a clip from the filming on “Let’s Make a Deal” with a special approbation of the exhibit.

“From movies to film, from music to art, from graphic novels/comic books to TV, and from politics to sports, all aspects of America’s pop culture contain different aspects of the African-American viewpoint,” says Exhibit Curator and Milestone Media co-founder Michael Davis. “America has changed, and the attitudes about Black people and their limitless creativity touch, embrace, or lead all aspects of culture.”

Milestones: African-Americans in Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond will end on April 1 of 2014.

“I’m especially excited that young people of color will see themselves represented in so many different ways,” added Tatiana EL-Khouri, Co-Curator. “This show may well influence future careers in comics, and perhaps even fine art. We have significantly made enormous strides to find a place within society, and I’m so excited to be in these times where we are now being nationally recognized in every field.

In so many ways, African-American culture has always been a part of pop culture, and curating this exhibit will be one of the most significant things that I do in my lifetime.”

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