‘Harley Quinn #1’ sets the new story for Harley to begin a new life

Credits: DC Comics
Credits: DC Comics

‘Harley Quinn #1’ sets the new story for Harley to begin a new life

With “Harley Quinn #0” bringing fans back to the world of Harley and getting the typical argument of Harley’s costume and look out of the way by having Harley dream about herself in different multiverses. But, “Harley Quinn #1″ really sets Harley on her trail of a new life. Warning Spoilers ahead!

We find Harley on her motorcycle with all of her valuables on the back and her stuffed beaver on the front of the bike and talking to her on the way to her new penthouse in the building that someone left her. Our clue to whom this benefactor is, is that he was a client of hers at Arkham. Does this sound like an insane clown person that we all know? Are the writers going to really bring him back into her life? Or finally allow her to find her own story? We will see.

As Harley is travelling to her new home, she sees an animal being mistreated and decides to rescue the puppy and torture and kill its owner. She, the stuffed beaver and the rescued puppy drives off to her new building/ home.

When she arrives there she finds that she has to pay back taxes and other bills that average up to $6000 a month so she sets off to find a job or two, first as Dr. Quinzel and secondly as Harley the Roller Derby Queen.

The story is set for her adventure in her new life. According to DC’s website, Harley will be joined by Poison Ivy in “Harley #2” and they will be rescuing puppies and kitties in the next comic.

It appears that Harley is back and even stronger and at times more violent than before.

Have you read her new comics? If so what did you think?

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