Santa nerd clause: Holiday shopping guide for geek culture

Credits: USAopoly
Credits: USAopoly

Santa nerd clause: Holiday shopping guide for geek culture

A zombie rendering rush can consume us from out of the Holiday season. One that isn’t the feverish hurry by any procrastinative buyer. Though they can uncover some great finds too.. But if your not bitten by the laissez faire considerer, then there is that horde of searches looking for that just right gift. That underliner tending to match up towards the interest of a well-known friend or family.

Hear that exhaustive sigh moaning along an online search that almost turned up the right gift? It could’ve escaped out of you. The fever is spreading. Before it becomes all-consuming of your time and effort, here’s an eclectic list on the accompanying slideshow that fits the geek cultural in your circles and overlaps into just being a unique gift suiting any pop culture tastes.

All while the zombie part goes the modern gift mode.

And for the traditional sort, the finality of Jan. 6 extends the buying time.

Holiday Shopping: Geek Guide List


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