Where do the CW shows stand with renewals for 2014?

Credits: The CW
Credits: The CW

Where do the CW shows stand with renewals for 2014?

We are at winter hiatus and many CW fans are wondering when they are going to hear if their favorite shows are being cancelled or renewed. We have a compiled list from across the internet to let you know if your shows were renewed or not.

Let’s first look at those that have been cancelled for sure. It looks like The CW is the most popular channel at this time among viewers and have at many times have the most viewed shows over the usually strong top four channels, NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. At this time, the only show that the CW is loosing has already been cancelled is “Nikita”.

And on the other side, the only show that has been renewed at this time is “America’s Top Model”.

But, The CW’s hit shows are a sure thing to be renewed but the official word has not been released, these shows include “The Vampire Diaries”, “Supernatural”, and “Arrow”.

There are a few shows that at this time are at a point where it’s too early to tell because they are new shows that started this fall or even one that hasn’t been released until this spring. These shows include “The Vampire Diaries” spin off “The Originals”, which was picked up for a full season after a few shows. Many fans love this show but others are saying that it moves too slow. I am betting that it will be renewed for another season, but not sure of any future after the second season. Other shows in this same category are “Reign”, “The 100”, “Star Crossed”. “Tomorrow People” and the veteran show “Hart of Dixie”.

And the following shows are a long shot for returning but have been saved at the last minute before are “The Carrie Diaries” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

But, these will be updated all the way through May. If you would like updates to this and other news on your favorite television shows please click subscribe above and then confirm in your email.

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