Volume 2 propelling a Kickstarter movement for Fist of Justice

Credits: Digital Webbing
Credits: Digital Webbing

Volume 2 propelling a Kickstearter movement for Fist of Justice

When Fist of Justice hits publication, it impacts a gain of fans with an old fashioned sock’em styled outlook.

But readers of this miniseries are fans of the twist in plotline. And their enthusiasm has brought about a sophomore run for this indie comic book.

When FoJ writer Mike Imboden approached this Examiner a few years back at the Baltimore Comic-Con, the pages were an impression of captivating throwback renders. The story, so readers do clarify, has a hook of new school story through the flavor of old school.

Interest can now catch once-again fans and new eyes before a comic-con comes about its calendar annual.

Fist of Justice is underway with a second story arc. On the lift of Kickstarter, Mike Imboden alongside co-creator and letterer Ed Dukeshire are producing a volume two for crime fighting force over Charm City, he announces contacting Examiner. Plus the original issues compiling a trade paperback.

“After taking a much longer than anticipated break, we’re finally back to finish what we started,” Imboden states, “and then move beyond that with a new story arc. A model that’s become popular recently is to produce a book as a group of mini-series and we’re looking to adopt that format. Honestly, that was pretty much our original intent, but we’re focused on that now. Five or six issues and the story is done, with a sub-plot that carries the continuity to each run.”

The miniseries introduces a hero caught out of time, the self-collateral following tragic results in his superhero exploits. In its contrast storytelling, the series has born the brightening elaboration off the collaboration with artists well-known on other titles as well. Artists for FoJ have been: Chad Hardin (Spider-Man, Harley Quinn), initial FoJ artist Anthony Castrillo (The Flash, Bloodshot), Dario Carrasco Jr. (I, Frankenstein, Alpha Flight), Yildiray Cinar (Teen Titans, Supergirl), Pow Rodrix (Wolverine, Justice League America) and Andre Coelho (Ms. Marvel, The Flash).

“The biggest hurdle in getting Fist of Justice back into people’s hands – be in print or digital format – is money.” the FoJ writer/creator continues. “Like most independent creators, we need to finance the entire production process ourselves. From paying an artist to getting the books printed, it’s all on us with no publisher money backing it. And, again, like a most independent creators, we’ve turned to Kickstarter to help us raise the money needed to get over that hurdle. What we’re doing now is trying to raise enough money to collect the early appearances of Fist into a trade paperback AND to finally get issue #6 done. The goal is that between the money raised and then money we make selling the TPB at conventions and appearances, we’ll be able to get issues #7-10 done and, in turn, the money from the sales of THOSE books will fund the next batch and so on.”

With the Kickstarter premise, incentives commence some swag that includes involving those first story arc artists. Also, tiers revolving around the new comics series and commission collectibles are in the offering.

Digital Webbing is the Massachusetts-based company that publishes Fist of Justice. with headquarters in Methuen, BloodRayne and the restart from Charlton Comics E-Man are titles by the publisher.

The Fist of Justice on Kickstarter has already been put in progress.

“We’ve got plenty of incentives to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign.” Imboden finalizes. “Not only will people get the book in print or digital (whichever they choose), we’ve got pledge levels that include original art by past FoJ artists like Anthony Castrillo, Chad Hardin, Dario Carrasco and Pow Rodrix, we’ve got t-shirts, posters and stickers and, what might be the coolest thing of all, the opportunity to be drawn into an original Fist of Justice short story!”

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