‘Divergent’ on track for a ‘Twilight’ level opening weekend box office

Credits: Summit Entertainment
Credits: Summit Entertainment

‘Divergent’ on track for a ‘Twilight’ level opening weekend box office

Don’t call Divergent “the next Twilight” — but it might be the next Twilight. In terms of box office performance, that is.

Other than being based on YA novels, the two series have little in common — but Divergent, based on the best-selling dystopian trilogy by Veronica Roth, is now on track for a $65 million opening weekend (up from previous predictions) — which could put it close to Twilight‘s actual $69.9 million opening box office.

Analysts say Divergent is tracking similarly to Twilight before it hit theaters in key categories like total awareness, first choice, and definite interest — and even has more interest from male viewers, a feat Twilight never quite managed to achieve.

Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment have already proven successful with two previous YA franchise, Twilight and The Hunger Games. The studio is likely hoping fans of Hunger Games will check out Divergent, as the two series have a lot of thematic similarities and there is crossover appeal.

Divergent hits theaters March 21st.

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