Scott Westerfield’s ‘Uglies’ series in development for TV series

Credits: Simon & Schuster
Credits: Simon & Schuster

Scott Westerfield’s ‘Uglies’ series in development for TV series

YA author Scott Westerfeld‘s best-selling dystopian series Uglies is in development to become a TV series.

According to Publisher’s Weekly, “Negotiations are in an advanced stage with a U.S. television network to adapt [Westefeld’s] bestselling Uglies books into a TV series.”

Movie rights to the Uglies series have been sold before, but this is the first time (publicly, at least) that the books have been under consideration as a TV series.

With the first book published in 2005, the Uglies series became best-sellers well before The Hunger Games made the dystopian genre a cornerstone of the YA market. The books take place in a futuristic, dystopian world, in which teenagers are surgically transformed into “Pretties” on their 16th birthdays. But heroine Tally ends up running away just before her 16th birthday and teams up with a group of “Uglies” living outside of the system, and learns there is more to the surgeries than she’s been lead to believe.

Westerfeld is also the author of the Leviathan series, and will release a standalone novel this fall, called Afterworlds.

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