Cassandra Clare reflects on the end of ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series

Credits: Simon & Schuster
Credits: Simon & Schuster

Cassandra Clare reflects on the end of  ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series

 The Mortal Instruments are coming to an end. The best-selling young adult book series reaches its finale this week, with Tuesday’s publication of the sixth and final book, City of Heavenly Fire.

It’s a milestone that is both exhilarating and bittersweet — both for fans, and author Cassandra Clare.

“This does mean saying goodbye,” Clare told Novel Novice in an exclusive interview. “I may get to write about Shadowhunters again, but not these Shadowhunters. I won’t get to write another Jace, another Clary, another Alec. Every character is different. I’ll miss their banter and interactions.”

City of Heavenly Fire may be the final book in The Mortal Instruments, but it isn’t the first time fans thought they were saying goodbye to these specific Shadowhuners. Originally, the series was published as a trilogy, with the third book, City of Glass, being released in 2009.

“I originally had the idea that after City of Glass I would spin off into a story that centered around Simon,” Clare said. “There was even the idea that it would be a graphic novel — there’s very early drafts of the graphic novel script lying around! When I started to work on it seriously though I realized it wouldn’t work for me. I had too much left to say about the other characters, especially Jace, Clary, Magnus and Alec.”

However, this time Clare seems certain that the original Mortal Instruments series is over. She is far from done writing about the world of the Shadowhunters. Having already completed one trilogy of prequels, The Infernal Devices, Clare has planned at least two more sets of trilogies in this universe — another set of prequels, and one that looks to the new generation of Shadowhunters.

Clare also recently co-wrote a collection of short stories based on the popular character Magnus with her friends and fellow authors Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan. It will be available in a complete set known as The Bane Chronicles in November. (The original stories were only released in electronic form.)

To celebrate Tuesday’s release of City of Heavenly Fire, fans can enter to win a complete boxed set of The Mortal Instruments books and a one-of-a-kind Mortal Instruments hoodie.

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