Earth 2 Batman is ready for war

Earth 2 Batman is ready for war

DC Collectibles recently released the “DC Comics The New 52 Earth 2 Bruce Wayne as Batman” action figure. This figure represents the Batman character who appeared early in the “Earth 2” comic book, rather than the one currently appearing in the series, hence the “Bruce Wayne” specification here. This Earth 2 Batman action figure is based on artwork created by Nicola Scott, the original series artist on “Earth 2,” and features a sculpt by Steve Kiwus.

On Earth 2, the planet had been ravaged by a war with Darkseid and the denizens of Apokolips for five years when the “Earth 2” comic book series picked up and Nicola Scott’s depiction of Bruce Wayne Batman reflected this. In addition to the traditional black and grey bodysuit of the Dark Knight are elements of medieval-type armor covering the arms, shoulders, and knees. The armor is representative of Batman’s constant presence on the front lines of the war effort, as opposed to operating out of the shadows as an urban legend fighting street level crime in the traditional continuity of the character. Earth 2 Batman’s weapons of choice are two combat batons, similar to those used by Nightwing on Earth 0.

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