Guardians of Galaxy title goes all-new with Marvel-famed Brian Michael Bendis

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Guardians of Galaxy title goes all-new with Marvel-famed Brian Michael Bendis

Off a favored Guardians of the Galaxy run, it’s easy not to map supposition towards a nesting laurel for superstar comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis. Plenty of press releases make that an easy understanding.

After succeeding a Guardians of the Galaxy restructure launched in 2008 by co-writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning – that went on to source being a central adaptation for Disney’s top selling 2014 summer movie on a global box office scale – Bendis has exceeded more than keeping the comic book’s revival breathing. And in the doing the comics-centric headline pieces have been more a profusing praise in a transmedia accentuation over Bendis’ comics helming once Marvel spun out a top shelf film inauguration for a well-known but lower tiered go-to stratum platforming the titular spacefaring outlaws.

Bendis’ retake on Marvel Comics GotG in 2013 is about to be trumped.

A Guardians of the Galaxy eponymic spin-off is coming this 2015. Its premise, as limned by Bendis in an interview on, retros back to a Marvel title favored by the multi-awards winner back in his influenced youthful days.

When I was a young child, one of the first comic books that I read was MARVEL TEAM-UP. One of the first books I remember reading: Spider-Man was on the moon in [MARVEL TEAM-UP #55]. He wakes up on the moon; he’s hallucinating. [Back in the 1970’s] you couldn’t just run back to the comic store and find the back issues. You were [left wondering] “What? How? What happened? Spider-Man on the moon?!” All these new characters, new concepts and new artwork really got under my skin in the best way. I may have been hooked for life because of that book. I remember that feeling and when Marvel called me and said “We’re thinking about doing GUARDIANS TEAM-UP” I said: “Yeah, let me be as much a part of this as possible.” Because who wouldn’t want to [create] that gateway book for some young reader or some new reader? That MARVEL TEAM-UP issue was a very important book to me. So was MARVEL FANFARE, which was a book that opened my eyes to all the artistic possibilities of comics within the confines of the mainstream. I think and hope that this book will become a mixture of those two things. It’s MARVEL TEAM-UP in the best way and the experience of “look how good comics are, look what we can do that no one else can do.” And you know who we have that no one else has? We have Arthur Adams and a list of other artists that are coming our way.

Artist-writer Art Adams will be the illustrator teamed with Bendis on GotG’s new comic book. The Eisner Awards-winner is famously known for his mini-series on the ’90s popular X-Men affiliatedLongshot. X-Men circle of series were the famed theme that carried a substantial cut of his work with Marvel. His popularity showcasing highlights the likes of one well-known X-Men story arc featuring the New Mutants, “The Asgardian Wars”. Then there are the numerable cover art memorables forUncanny X-Men as well as its spin-off titles. Of recent continued noted work with Marvel holds with the publisher’s Ultimate line.

Now Adams embarks alongside Bendis on a wholly new series that substantiates its uniqueness in its anthological distinction.

Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up will align some of the brightest Marvel Heroes currently known. The jumpstart issue will team GotG with another team associated with Bendis’ popular portfolio, the Avengers.

There was, back in the ’70s volume, a string of enduring big name talents that created some highlight chapters. One teaming stars legendary creatives Chris Claremont and John Byrne. With this the newGotG Team Up, Bendis professes an allegiance to sharing the collaboritive idea. A round of behind the panels teamings will be a featured part in the new sci-fi / superhero blended series.

“I think the one thing that’s missing for people that only read headlines and of course, if someone is reading this far down it assumes that you are not one of those people but some people think that I’ve added yet another book when I’m popping in and out of this book. This is not going to be my book. It’s going to start with a couple of issues by me. Then it’s going to go right to Sam Humphries as one of the chapters of “Black Vortex” and other creators will be bouncing in and off of this thing, letting them have an opportunity to shine and do their thing as well. Every time that I have the time and a cool story to tell I’ll be bouncing back in with something cool.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Team Up premieres next Feb.

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